Kata-kata Cinta Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kata-kata Cinta Dalam Bahasa Inggris yang sangat ampuh digunakan untuk melunakkan dan menyenangkan hati si dia. Kata-kata ini sangat romantis dan dijamin bisa membuat yang mendengarnya klepek-klepek. Cinta tidak hanya bisa diucapkan dengan I Love You, kita harus sedikit kreatif sehingga akan terasa lebih personal. Yang paling bagus adalah kata-kata yang keluar dari dalam diri anda sendiri mengenai pasangan anda jadi akan terasa asli alias genuine. Namun, kalau belum terbiasa tentu akan susah. Beberapa kata cinta romantis dalam bahasa inggris ini hanya sebagai inspirasi saja ya:


~~ Without you I am nothing; with you I am everything. ~~  (moment special)

~~ I closed my eyes with a pen and paper in front of me. I picked up the pen and started writing everything. When I opened my eyes again, all I saw was your name. ~~  (buat yang baru jadian, biar tambah greng)

~~ Wait for the guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will stay awake just to watch you sleep, who will show you off to all his friends because he just doesn’t care, and he really misses you when your not there, wait for the guy who is constantly reminding you how much he misses and cares for you, I know that I am that guy. ~~ (dari cowok buat cewek)

~~ A candle may melt and it’s fire may die, but the love you have given me will always stay as a flame in my heart. ~~ (cocok buat ultah, apalagi habis tiup lilin)

~~ You are like the sunshine so warm, you are like sugar, so sweet.. you are like you.. and that’s the reason why I love you! ~~ (lagi nge-date, habis maem bareng mantep banget)

~~ I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is stil the same. Though I smile and seem carefree, there’s no one who misses you more than me!! ~~ (buat yang lagi galau atau lagi jauhan)

~~ I have liked many but loved very few. yet no-one has been as sweet as u. I’d stand and wait in the worlds longest queue. just for the pleasure of a moment with u. ~~ (bukan yang lagi berjuang ngedapetin gebetan terbaik di dunia)

~~ U may be out of my sight, but not out of my heart. U may be out of my reach, but not out of my mind. I may mean nothing to u, but u’ll always be special to me. ~~ (kalau mau mengungkapkan betapa specialnya si doi)

~~They taught me that one hours equals to 60 minutes and that one minute equals to 60 seconds, but they never told me that one second without you feels like forever! ~~ (buat yang terserang penyakit malarindu tropikangen)

~~ Last night I sent an angel 2 watch over u while u were sleeping but it came back early! So I asked it why? It said that angels don’t watch over other angels! ~~ (rada gombal dikit dikiiiit aja bukan banyak lho ya)

~~ Sometimes words are hard to find, to form that perfect line to let you know you’re always on my mind! ~~ (Talk less, LOVE more)

~~ Without your LOVE, dayz are “Saddy, Moanday,Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Frightday, Shatterday”. ~~ (kalau mau mengungkapkan pentingnya kehadiran si doi setiap hari, rada gombal)

~~ Rains fall, winds blow, the sun shines… it all comes naturally, just like loving you. ~~ (kalau ditanya, kenapa sih kamu cinta akyu?)

~~ I wish I was your blanket, I wish I was your bed, I wish I was your pillow underneath your head, I want to be around you, I want to hold you tight, and be the lucky person who kisses you goodnight. ~~ (sms dahsyat malem-malem sambil ngucapin met bobo)

~~ You can fall from the sky, you can fall from a tree, but the best way to fall is in love with me. ~~ (gombal tapi pede)

~~ One day you will ask me: What is more important to you, me or your life? I will say: my life. You will walk away from me without knowing that YOU ARE MY LIFE! ~~ (kalau lagi salah paham)

~~ I wanted to send you all my love but the postman said it was too big !!!!! ~~ (kalau ditanya kok ga pernah kirim surat)

Gimana teman-teman bagus nda Kata-kata cinta dalam bahasa inggris ini? Ada banyak banget sih, tapi kan ini cuma buat pancingan aja, silahkan kalau punya kata-kata maut lainnya silahkan dibagi via comment dibawah, jadi yang lain juga bisa terinspirasi. Love is beautiful, let’s make it even more.



Kata-Kata Mutiara Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kata-Kata Mutiara Dalam Bahasa Inggris sangatlah indah untuk dijadikan pemotivasi semangat yang luruh bagi diri sendiri maupun orang lain. Saya kalau sedang down biasanya mencari beberapa kata-kata mutiara yang bisa membangkitkan semangat. Memang kalau kita sedang jatuh tidak boleh menyerah, yang terbaik adalah terus berusaha sambil memotivasi diri kita sendiri. Berikut beberapa kata-kata mutiara yang menurut saya sangat bagus dan memotivasi.


“Watch your thoughts; they become words

Watch your words; they become actions

Watch your actions; they become habits

Watch your habits; they become character

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny”  - Frank Outlaw -



“Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it is too late. Today, this hour, this minute is the day, the hour, the minute for each of us to sense the fact that life is good, with all of its trials and troubles, and perhaps more interesting because of them.”  - Robert R. Updegraff -



“Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.” — John Dewey -


Positive Difference

“Success cannot be measured in wealth, fame or power, but by whether you have made a positive difference for others.”  - Richard Branson -



“We can not change the future; but we can help shape it.”  – Unknown author -



“To love and be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.”  – Sydney Smith -



“God does not require us to succeed, he only asks us to try.”  – Mother Teresa -



“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  – Maya Angel


Bagaimana kata-kata mutiara dalam bahasa Inggris ini? cukup mnginspirasi bukan. Ini merupakan favorit saya, semoga bisa menjadi motivasi buat teman-teman semua. Pantang menyerah dan tetap menajdi orang yang baik dan berguna bagi orang lain. Kira-kira begitulah intinya.

Cerita Rakyat Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Rakyat Dalam Bahasa Inggris merupakan salah satu cara untuk mempopulerkan khasanah sastra indonesia di mata dunia internasional. Sebenarnya cerita dari Indonesia tidak kalah dari cerita-cerita luar negeri namun karena kurang dipopulerkan saja sehingga sepertinya tenggelam dibawah bayang-bayang cerita barat seperti cinderella, putri salju atau cerita-cerita lain. Selain itu cerita rakyat Indonesia juga kental dengan petuah-petuah yang sangat berguna bagi anak sehingga menjadi anak yang baik di masa depan.

Berikut ini merupakan salah satu cerita rakyat dalam bahasa Inggris yang sudah familiar tentunya, berjudul Timun Emas:

Long time ago, lived an old women named Mbok Sirni. She lived by herself because her husband had long passed away and she had no children. Every day, she prayed so God would give her a child. One night, when she was praying, a giant passed her house and heard her pray. “I can give you a child on one condition,” the giant said to Mbok Sirni, “You must give the child back to me when it is six years old.” Mbok Sirni was so happy; she did not think about the risk of losing the child later and agreed to take the giant’s offer. The giant then gave her a bunch of cucumber seeds. “Plant it around your house.” The giant then left without saying anything else. In the morning, Mbok Sirni planted the seeds. The seeds grew within mere days, and blossomed plentifully.Not longer after that, a big golden cucumber grew from plants. Carefully, Mbok Sirni plucked the golden cucumber and carried it home. With caution and care, she sliced the cucumber. She was very surprised to see a beautiful baby girl inside the cucumber. She then named the baby Timun Emas (it means Golden Cucumber).

Years passed by and Timun Emas has grew to become a lovely and beautiful little girl. She was also smart and kind. Mbok Sirni loved her very much. But she kept thinking about the time the giant would take Timun Emas away from her. One night, Mbok Sirni had a dream. In order to save Timun Emas from the giant, she had to meet the holy man who lived in Mount Gundul. The next morning, Mbok Sirni took leave of Timun Emas to go to Mount Gundul. The holy man then gave her four little bags, each one containing cucumber seeds, needles, salt, and shrimp paste. “Timun Emas can use these to protect herself,” said the holy man to Mbok Sirni.

A few days later, the giant came to see Mbok Sirni about her promise. “Mbok Sirni! Where is Timun Emas?” shouted the giant. “My daughter, take these bag with you. It can save you from the giant. Now, run through the back door,” said Mbok Sirni. But the giant saw Timun Emas running to the woods. The giant was angry. Starved and enraged, he rushed toward Timun Emas. Mbok Sirni tried to stop him, but the giant was unstoppable.

The giant was getting closer and closer, so Timun Emas opened the first bag she got from Mbok Sirni. Inside the bag were cucumber seeds. She threw the seeds, and instantly they grew into large cucumber field. But the giant ate them all, giving him more strength. As the giant was getting close, Timun Emas took the second bag with needles inside and spilled the content behind her. The needles turned into bamboo trees, sharp and thorny. The giant’s body was scratched and bled. “Aaargh, I’ll get you, Timun Emas!” shouted the giant as he tried to get himself out from the bamboo field. He made it and still chasing Timun Emas.

Timun Emas then reached the third bag and spilled the salt inside. The ground which the salt touched turned into a deep sea. The giant almost drown and had to swim to cross the sea. After some time, he managed to get out from the water. Timun Emas saw the giant coming, so she reached for the last bag. She took the shrimp paste and threw it. The shrimp paste became a big swamp of boiling mud. The giant was trapped in the middle of the swamp. The mud slowly but surely drowned him. Helpless, he roared out, “Help! Heeeeelp…!” Then the giant drown and died. Timun Mas then immediately went home. Since then, Timun Emas and Mbok Sirni live happily ever after.

Bagaimana menarik bukan cerita rakyat dalam bahasa Inggris berjudul Timun Emas tersebut? Timun Emas nya tidak diterjemahkan jadi Golden Cucumber ya, supaya tidak merusak ide ceritanya. Selain itu, Timun Emas disini adalah nama orang jadi tidak boleh diterjemahkan. Demikian pula sebaliknya nama dalam bahasa Inggris juga tidak boleh diterjemahkan misalnya: Bill Clinton menjadi Tagihan Clinton. Kan ga lucu dan bisa menyinggung perasaan yang bersangkutan